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6//2021 Siesta Key, FL, a relaxing late afternoon

About 1Fyr.com

What can we say, we record, edit and post a few videos a month. The goal is to stimulate the mind! Get other outdoors, living amongst the bugs, the creepy-crawlers... Regardless of where you are in the world, you can do something as small as running to the park for a quick cook out. Or, assuming you have a safe spot outback, (read your local open fire rules, by county, state, country) build yourself a campfire. For as little as a bundle of wood, or even the 'campfire' log (which is basically a few holes drilled into a log about ~8" diamerter and you got yourself something that can keep the bugs away while you enjoy the early evening. The videos act as a constant reminder to get outside and enjoy the space we have. Ideally, anytime of day if you were camping. For us, a late afternoon, early evening and/or night seems to do the trick. Often you will see videos of the firepit/bbq pit at sunset or just therearefter; seems to be the best pre-night light to record. Also, from time to time, you can see the sunset just over the raging fire. Relaxing? We think so.

We we looking to make a few changes around here, find new ways to incorporate family, friends, food and/beverages; celebration of the outdoors... At somepoint we said, let's build a firepit. Why not, right? So, we did. Nothing special, something to keep the evening bugs and chill away. Since that 'first fire' we've found other things to do add, roasted meats, marshmellows/chocolate bars, kababs etc. Always room for improvement! Lessons learned for some, most of the time just learning to relax. Like what you see? Give us a shout!

Get Outdoors*
The *Ultimatum, simple, Seek Out Things That Increase Your Happiness

Now THE ULTIMATUM*, Get Outdoors! The point here is again trasparent, you have to 'do', 'share' and 'cultivate' things that make you happy. We choose a fireplace/firepit setting to share with others. All joking aside, the misison acts as inspiration, more encouragement than ultimatum...

However, we will share this idea month-by-month, through and through. Below, future speak, we want to continue to elevate those things with which make us happy, happy to share our talents, knowledge... the learning lessons. We feel some of you will find inspiration, others a sense of immediacy; 'now'. Meaning, why not gather the family, the neighbors, people that mean something to you for a bbq, a fire or a good old fashion smores sandwich around the campfire? What is stopping you?

Get Outdoors, Enjoy The Weekend. Enjoy What You Have!

Outdoor Mission
Seek People, Things; Things That With Which Brings You Happiness

A heck of mission, right? Get outside and have some fun! The mission sounds a little too corporate for us. But it's a start. We started out small, small pit, dry woods (what we could gather up around the place), firewood, matches, some vaseline for the paper and there it is; living the mission statement.

Ideally, we want you to do the same (enter ultimatum). Get Outdoors!

Suggestion: Grab a friend, family members, heck the entire family and head outdoors! Do you have a favorite local camping spot, a National Parks Pavilion with grill? Whatever works, we found solice out back, and you should too. Spreading joy, outdoor living and a willingness to share what adds to our happiness. Enjoy the embedded content, what more could you ask for?

Get Outdoors, Enjoy The Weekend. Enjoy What You Have!

Fire & Outdoor Tools
You need tools, right?

Might be a good time to share a few things to get started... heading out to the local sporting good store, camping gear shop or online bushcraft supplies stores? Plan ahead!

  • Firepit, Chimneya, Fireplace, Portable/Pre-made Firering
  • Fire Starter - Matches, Lighter, Butane Lighter, Fire Sticks
  • Torch (Propane - Handheld, Thrower), Newspaper/Newsprint
  • Dry Twigs, Wood, Pre-made or Cmpressed Logs
  • Shovel, Spade, Water, Hose, Fire Extinguisher
  • Tunes, Speakers
  • Meats, Burgers, Hotdogs
  • Buns, Condements, Accortrment, Snacks
  • Smore's Stuff
  • Seats, Chairs, Umbrellas, Bug Sauce

Relish Your Time OUTDOORS! We Just Include Firepits & Grills!

Happiness In/Outdoors
Seriously. Get Outdoors! What say you?

Perhaps we should start by adding additional gear "our favorite gear". Along with the items: tools, supplies and craft materials not listed. We will continue to provide content, look for updates on such stuff over on the Updates portion of the site/website. Head on over there, preview the content that is there. You'll find a number of posts, including a 'Letter From The Editor'. We've included a few notes on how this idea came to fruition and a brief explaination as to what, how and why this exists.

We've got vision right, mission down; eyes on the prize there champ/herione... The outdoors, the sun, a field, a beach; literally anywhere you can a space to gather, even if it's a simple campstove or backyard firepit. Nothing earth changing or transcending.

Additionally, those of you who do, who do get outside and enjoy, it's a great messsage! You can find something, anything, that might bring a tiny bit of happiness to your world.

Get Outdoors, Enjoy The Weekend. Enjoy What You Have!

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Seriously. Get Outdoors! What say you?

6//2021 Siesta Key, FL, a relaxing late afternoon

5//2021 Siesta Key, FL, a relaxing late afternoon

4//2021 Siesta Key, FL, a relaxing late afternoon

3//2021 Siesta Key, FL, a relaxing late afternoon

2//2021 Siesta Key, FL, a relaxing late afternoon

1//2021 Siesta Key, FL, a relaxing late afternoon

Get Outdoors...
Seriously. Get Outdoors! What say you?

Still indoors, watching the YouTube I see... Still need a little more motivation, a nudge, a reason to get outdoors and do it yourself! If WE can't convince you, perhaps the 1Fyr friends can! Well, while we still have you, check out what the neighbors, family members, local folks have to share! Please let us a comment below or email us directly... We added a few comments folks shared, we will continue to add to the list behind the scenes and update this carousel section monthly (assuming we have new comments)!

Ruby Awaits Her Firepit!