1 Fyr Journey Updates...

Letter To The Editor


What is with the late videos there 1Fyr?

Although there are roughly 28-30 days per month, we have a backlog of videos that require 'attention'. Along with the videos which need to be recorded, sorted and edited. Please forgive the mess, we are working on a few BIG projects which will be included in future posts.

Videos are coming, taking to long these days... we get it. However the 4 or 5 we do have will quickly expand to a few hundred. Give it sometime, I promise it will be worth the wait. We will be adding landscape videos, so no more portrait/landscape rotation issues. Two, we will be posting longer, ASMR friendly videos. Honestly, these just help to put me to sleep, not sure that is a good thing. BUT, you get the picture.

Not trying to reinvent fire, the wheel or anything like that, just something that might bring a smile to your face, your friends and family closer... And for god sake get OUTDOORS!

Ruby Awaits Her Firepit!